Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011 | State Budget Cuts, City Elections

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Cutting the Budget, Two Schools of Thought: The Medicaid/HHS budget and the Teachers/Education budget are two very expensive items. Some say we need to significantly cut back on these items, others say cuts of this magnitude have effects as well. State Representative Mike Villarreal of San Antonio and San Antonio Tea Party President George Rodriguez will offer their views on how to best solve the budget challenge when it comes to these items.

City/School Elections: This past Monday was the final day to file for office for the city council and school district board races. Now 38 people are running in the city race for all 11 positions, while there has been a major surprise in the SAISD elections. We'll be joined by a panel of government and political journalists in order to discuss the races and the changes that may be on the way. Elaine Wolff of Plaza de Armas, Lindsay Kastner, Education writer for the San Antonio Express-News and Josh Baugh, City Government reporter with the San Antonio Express-News are our guests.

Rick Casey’s LAST WORD focuses on the big changes possibly coming to the San Antonio School District

Ross Ramsey of the Texas Tribune will be filling in for Evan this week and will discuss the Governor’s approval of using the Rainy Day Fund to help avoid a budget deficit.


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