Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Moment in Our Texas Week

by Bruce Kates, Producer, Texas Week with Rick Casey

Rick Casey moderates a press panel
“I’m Rick Casey and this is Texas Week.”  On Friday, July 15th, Rick will begin our 26th program with those words… the same words he has used to welcome thousands of viewers to our program since it began on January 21st.  This program marks 26 weeks on the air… one half of our first year (of many we hope)!  To say the time has zipped by would be an understatement as we have been very busy each week producing different programs on a variety of subjects.  However, when you look at all of the topics we’ve covered, it’s hard to believe we’ve been able to fit it all in 26 weeks!

We’ve followed the budget battle from start to finish in the legislature, discussed the DWI No Refusal program, explored the fight to control obesity and investigated San Antonio’s fight against terrorism.  Our guests have been the best of the best:  Mayor Julian Castro, Speaker of the House Joe Straus, District Attorney Susan Reed, Former Mayor Phil Hardberger, just to name a few.  We’ve brought seasoned journalists to our program to look at stories in more depth and that has been our reputation:  Depth.  We provide a setting for all sides to come together and discuss issues.  We don’t interrupt or edit and we provide information that many people just can’t get from a traditional 6-second sound bite on the TV news.

Rick Casey interviews Mayor Julian Castro
Texas Week with Rick Casey begins each Monday with a look at what we believe will be the hot topics of the week.  On Tuesdays, we’ll research each idea and see where it leads us.  Then, the fun begins on Wednesdays as we make a final decision as to what we’ll feature on the program.  At that point, just like each week, we have 48 hours to produce the program you see Friday nights at 8pm and Sundays at 1pm.  Some weeks, we go with one topic, other weeks, we find there are two topics we need to discuss.  We also pride ourselves on following up each week on new developments that have taken place since a story first aired. 

But what really sets Texas Week with Rick Casey apart from other programs is Rick Casey.  Rick has a unique and in depth understanding of San Antonio.  He knows the people who “knows the people.”   His interviews are thorough, his questions can be intimidating but his Irish charm is seen throughout the program.  He also saves the best for last… specifically the “Last Word.”  It’s his commentary on a subject that has caught his eye and it’s always informative and amusing.
Bruce Kates, Producer, Texas Week with Rick Casey
We’re very excited about Texas Week with Rick Casey and never bored.  The program is different week after week and after you’ve seen it, you feel like you’ve learned something or at the very least, understand something just a little better than you did before.

I hope you’ll tune in to see us and, more important, that you’ll let us know what you think.  We’re a better program when you help us produce it.

Talk to you soon!


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Anonymous said...

Has been a GREEAT six months! Enjoy the show.

Would love to be able to access and watch videos online of just the Last Word section of the show. Some are so classic!!