Friday, April 13, 2012

35th Congressional Democrats | April 13, 2012

Watch April 13, 2012 | 35th Congressional Democrats on Issues on PBS. See more from Texas Week.

Redistricting added four new Congressional Districts in Texas. As a result San Antonio will add a Congressman and will be split into five separate Districts. We'll talk with the Democratic candidates for the new 35th Congressional and find out why its creation caused controversy in the Federal courts.

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poryorick said...

Part of the reason the GOP continues to make gains in the House is because they don't normally abide by new candidates challenging proven incumbents in the primary. The Texas Democratic Party should take that particular page from the GOP playbook instead of allowing this unproductive, pre-general bloodletting occur.

It's pretty apparent from the tack taken by the new candidates in this conversation that they are willing to damage Doggett in the service of their personal political gain, regardless of the impact that has on the general election...which means the people they claim to working in service of may likely have no representation in Congress.

And, I'm sorry, but, "seniority isn't an issue" is an extremely daft or incredibly naive thing to say.