Monday, April 1, 2013

City Elections – District 5 | March 29, 2013

Watch March 29, 2013 | City Council District 5 Discussion on PBS. See more from Texas Week.

The campaigns are well under way for the San Antonio City Council elections in early May and we are featuring the candidates in some of the targeted Districts. District 5 incumbent David Medina and challenger Ricardo Briones discussed issues last week. Two more candidates, Shirley Gonzales and Richard Cardenas, let their voices be heard this week.

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Frank Ramirez said...

Unfortunately some candidates don't rely on poll experts who are basically paid guessers to assume what the average voter is thinking, and as a member of the district 5 candidates I do have a chance, I do have a number of voters who are the educated, young family, local business people, who are looking for progresssive action with an honest in your face no BS attitude, it's becuase our district demands acknowledgement and there are some other well educated, ambitious, and qualified people who are running that don't have a hefty bank role to support a family while running a demanding race undertaken by one individual. For the numbers that do stand beside me I am proud to say I do this without $1 taken in donation and the declination of 6 endorsement towards my campaign. I run my philosophy real simple Rick, if I can't win your vote with logic and priority, and if you need to be sold to with the whole dog and pony show, then the community doesn't deserve my leadership. I'm not here to present a bake shop full of sweet talk, the concerns of our district are these guys are giving the same talk that the community is wanting to hear.