Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 13, 2011 | San Antonio East Side Changes

The East Side of San Antonio has traditionally been the political power base for African Americans.  But now, Hispanics seem to be in the majority.  Does this mean the end of African American representation from District 2 in the future?
Guests: Tommy Calvert, General Manager KROV Radio, George Korbel, Attorney and Researcher

The Austin Report | Evan Smith
It doesn’t appear to be a good year to be a Democrat in this years legislative session.  The GOP seems to be having it their own way.  Are Democrats irrelevant or can they still impact legislation?

LAST WORD: The city council elections are this weekend and while they are important to the people running, the voters seem to be ignoring the process.  Quite a change from the big election 30 years ago.  Rick Casey’s Last Word reminds us of the day politics changed in San Antonio.

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