Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011 | Fight Over Women's Health

It's a successful program that has provided health and medical services to over 120,000 women. The Women’s Health Program has saved Texas $1.8 billion since it began five years ago but is now scheduled to end December 31, 2011 unless renewed by legislation. Before that happens, however, legislators are debating whether or not Planned Parenthood and other similar specialty clinics should be able to participate since they provide abortion services. Now, it looks like the program is in danger of ending unless the abortion issue can be resolved. This week, we'll hear from both sides of the abortion issue along with a San Antonio doctor who will discuss the specifics of the Women's Health Program.
GUESTS: Janet Realini: MD/Healthy Futures Alliance and Carol Everett: The Heidi Group

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