Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 27, 2011 | Texas School Funding

Dr. John Folks, Superintendent, Northside Independent School District
Dr. Elizabeth Garza, Edgewood Independent School District

As the House and Senate haggle over the final piece of the budget puzzle — a school finance plan — we’ve learned two plans are still in the running.  We’ll examine the impact of both plans and how they will affect school districts in San Antonio.  Will class sizes have to be increased, will some school programs have to be eliminated and will taxes soon have to be raised.

Ross Ramsey from the Texas Tribune discusses the final weekend of the legislative session.  What we can expect and will there have to be a special session?

Last Word:  Rick Casey shares his thoughts about the proposal to rename Durango Street to Cesar Chavez street…. along with some other roads.

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