Thursday, May 26, 2011

LINK | Interactive: Projected School District Funding Cuts

The Texas Tribune has compiled an interactive graphic that illustrates what school budget cuts might mean for your district.

Explore that feature here.

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Anonymous said...

Rick and KLRN - glad to have you on board with SA again and with KLRN - my favorite station. I long enjoyed your SA paper writings.

Rick Perry - our "Education and Progress Governor" and our pro-Education Legislature! Boy, what a joke - on us and students. Texas is already so far behind even average State support from states and for student performance. So many of the Legislature and the Governor push and support major cuts to public school programs and budgets, plus large cuts to public colleges and universities thus pushing our kids and the state's future off the cliff. This is not "A Rainy Day"?
Sure looks like one. But, it might look bad to spend that money if running for higher national office. Especially for a "super-conservative" living three years in state funded $10K per month mansion. How many teachers would that alone have saved, by "toughing" it in a $1500 to $2,000/month home? Is there no financial oversight to ALL state spending?

All the while, projected layoffs will be increasing the unemployed in small towns, midsize towns and cities from teachers and school and state employees. Maybe causing many more Texans to lose homes, autos, etc. by loss of all or a major portion of their family's budget. How many good, young teachers will we lose to other states from these budget cuts?

Educating our children and youth Good is crucial to our state's future. Find other places to cut. Please work at it and cooperate as we expect you to do.

And we kept on re-electing them!