Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 29, 2011 | Debt Crisis Impact

:  The clock continues to tick towards a potentially calamitous government default.  Two plans are in the works that would increase the U.S. borrowing limit and chop $1 billion in federal spending. With a deadline approaching, financial markets are on edge and families are paying attention to see if they need to make changes in their budgets to cope with whatever happens.  Rick Casey talks with two experienced economists to get the global, national and the all-important local impact that could come from the conclusion of this debt debate.

Dr. Steve Nivin, Director and Chief Economist of the SABÉR Institute – an economic research and development collaborative between the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and St. Mary’s University.  
Dr. Alejandro Velez, professor of economics at St. Mary's and Director of the Latin American Studies Program. He teaches and researches in international economics and international business.

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Excellent interview. I was really impressed with Dr. Velez clear explanations.